15 August 2021


“Luck’s a revolving door, you just need to know when it’s your time to walk through.” Stan Lee

The above quote has never resonated with me more than this month. The BookBub Featured Deal for The Spinster’s Fortune started off sluggish-slow and I was disheartened by the end of the day, thinking that all the hype about these deals was just that…hype.

Late afternoon, there was a dramatic shift from being at back in line at the 1.5 million ranking spot on Amazon to….THE NUMBER ONE SPOT! It felt like I was being pranked. It really did. Like someone was going to jump out and scream “Candid Camera!” or “You got Punked!”.

But that didn’t happen. Instead, The Spinster’s Fortune exceeded anything I could have possibly dreamed up. She made it to the number one spot on the Amazon Top 100 Kindle List and stayed there for a day. By the end of the three day BookBub run, she was still in the Top 100 at the number fourteen spot. She spent some time in the number one slot for eight categories. She achieved an orange best seller badge for #1 in Depression History that is still attached to the Amazon listing.

How did this happen? I really, really, really do not know…maybe I found that revolving door that Stan Lee was talking about?