30 September 2022

Perfect way to kick off the new month….the "unveiling" of the latest Darkstroke Books anthology, DARK VENICE! 

Thirteen short stories including one of mine, "Paradiso Perduto".

It has been so gratifying to be a part of these Dark Worlds anthologies with all proceeds going to charities. Venice has a special place in my heart as one of my most amazing travel experiences. I wish the same for everyone but...it is a sinking city. One of the charities for this collection addresses that: VENICE IN PERIL. The other charity, AISEC VENEZIA, assists youth to develop leadership skills.

Here's a brief blurb for my story: 

Simone stumbles upon a couple violently fighting in a dark Venetian alley one night, which triggers haunting and painful memories best left forgotten. Can she reconcile the woman she has become with a younger self, who had been brimming with brazen moxie and big dreams?