31 May 2021

I have been getting back to my reading roots with a deep dive into vintage gothic favorite authors…the older and more beat-up paperback, the better.

Seven Tears for Apollo by Phyllis A. Whitney. It's a blast from the past reading Whitney novels for me as I read all of them years and years ago as a teen. Reading this one, I realized again what drew me to them so much...learning about new places and wanting to visit them myself after her depictions. The setting for this novel is Rhodes and yeah now I want to go there too! This cover is fantastic and check out the Crest Book price of 60c.

Airs Above the Ground by Mary Stewart. This cover presents what is: 60s style, castle parapets (A pivotal scene in the novel), and that Fawcett Crest price tag! It is steeped in incredible descriptions of the setting (Austria) and a delight to read. Like Whitney, Stewart sets her novels in fantastic places that make the reader want to take a trip. This one actually reminded me of my backpacking days through Europe when I spent a couple of days in Austria---brought my memories of that country all back exactly as I remember it.