15 September 2021

Bookstagram Inspiration

The book and writer communities on Instagram have opened up new horizons up for me since diving in.

Recently, a bookstagrammer, @salboreads, started a “stack for a cause” challenge, #sixforafghanistan, donating to UNICEF for each stack posted on IG. I took it on and it was sobering experience.

If you had to run away from home but could grab six books, what would they be? It brought me to a moment of pause to stand in those shoes because the harsh reality is that if you are running away from your country, books are probably low on your chance to grab something, anything. But…I stood at my bookshelves and quickly made my decisions as if I had that option.

Here are the beat up and treasured choices that I grabbed. (Cat model very graciously lent her services during the photoshoot of the stack.)