31 August 2021

Me and Studs Terkel

I’ve never really thought much about Studs Terkel or delved into his work before this month. But The Spinster’s Fortune has been on the same Amazon bestseller chart with Terkel’s book, Hard Times, since August 4th. She held the number one spot for 17 days which garnered her a nice orange bestseller badge that entire time. Falling off the throne, she was bumped into the number two position by Studs losing her “crown”.

The plot thickened today: she was back at number one and had her badge again for a brief, sweet window of time (which I show here for posterity purposes). But now, badge off and back to number two.

It’s a fluky weird thing what people connect with at any given moment. I am so very humbled that many have connected with the story in The Spinster’s Fortune. It has opened my world in ways I could have never predicted….such as playing this cat and mouse game with Studs Terkel, for example.