21 January 2024

Books & Bevies

I got to talk about Campbell’s Boy and coffee at Books & Bevies! 


About the Beverage: Mary recommends pairing her novel with a black coffee brewed from freshly ground whole beans. Jim’s Coffee, Wonderbrew. “Campbell’s Boy, a coming-of-age, historical fiction tale set in the Wild West, keeps it real. The main character, Emmet Campbell, lives a hard, hard life but manages to find the silver linings. In my view, there is nothing more real than a cup of black coffee. It’s pure, it’s simple and it cuts right to the chase. I love the brand, Jim’s Coffee, especially their roasts on the darker side. In particular, their WONDERBREW, ‘colossally full bodied with syrupy notes’ has delightful Celtic spirals on the labeling and you just can’t go wrong when you throw some luck like that into the mix.”