"Lost and Found" by Mary Kendall in Dark Paris

Paris –the glamorous City of Light holds many dark secrets…

Discover Dark Paris, a collection of intriguing short stories written by award-winning and international bestselling authors. 

As you traverse the City of Light, and delve below the surface into its shadowy heart, follow spine-tingling tales of murder, ghostly appearances, baffling mysteries, and horrifying Black Masses!

In "Lost and Found", the trip of a lifetime… Joanie’s long-awaited vacation to Paris with all its charms takes an unexpected turn. Facing down some darker edges in the City of Light pulls at the carefully stitched-together pieces of herself. Will those pieces become undone by time spent in the Catacombs? 

All proceeds for Dark Paris go to two worthy charities: Les Restos du Cœur and Fondation Brigitte Bardot.

"Half Shells" by Mary Kendall in Dark New Orleans 

Discover Dark New Orleans in our new collection of gripping, nerve-tingling short stories written by award-winning and international bestselling authors!

Let us take you on a journey to the dark side of the incredible place that is New Orleans.

In "Half Shells",  Nelle’s quick getaway to the French Quarter in New Orleans for some jazz, street art and a plateful of their Gulf oysters rapidly devolves into another kind of trip altogether: a nightmarish one. She must tangle with new demons in order to let go of old ones…but can she?

All proceeds of Dark New Orleans go to two organisations: Habitat for Humanity and Save our Cemeteries. 

"Paradiso Perduto" by Mary Kendall, in Dark Venice 

Venice – a series of unusual events reveal the dark side of the celebrated city built on shifting ground…

As we cross the many bridges, and peek into murky canals, into Venice’s dark underbelly, follow chilling tales of ghostly shenanigans, political horrors, and intriguing mysteries!

In "Paradiso Perduto", Simone stumbles upon a couple violently fighting in a dark Venetian alley one night, which triggers haunting and painful memories best left forgotten. Can she reconcile the woman she has become with a younger self, who had been brimming with brazen moxie and big dreams? 

All proceeds of Dark Venice go to two worthy charities: Venice in Peril and Aisec Venezia.

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