6 April 2023

Two Year Anniversary Post

As of 6 April, The Spinster’s Fortune is two years out in the world. It’s been a wild ride getting into the book publishing arena with ups and downs, highs and lows, and a whole lot of life lessons.

I never thought this would be the book that brought me to this table. It started as a lark to experiment with a genre I read and was intrigued by, literary mystery, but it eventually took a turn into another genre, historical mystery.  And here we are, Spinster’s and me, two years down the path and very grateful for all of it.

In a celebration of sorts, today is the release of a new list I pulled together for Shepherd.com. It ties directly into becoming the writer of this little-book-that-could and is titled:

How and why did I come up with this list?

Sometimes I have to take a trip back to my reading "roots": gothic mystery and suspense. This list is a deep dive into some of my very favorite vintage gothic authors and ones that I consider to be icons of the genre. These writers formed the foundation not only for my reading tastes but also for who I have become as a writer. The memories of my younger self come flooding back when I revisit these authors and their works as I have done with this list. Some of these novels are hard to come by now but, in my opinion, the older and more beat-up paperback, the better (as evidenced in these photos).

Here is the link to read more about these little treasures: